Creating this first multi-maker craft chocolate advent calendar was my dream project. I am thrilled that it happened, that you and I made it happen. 2018 was all about this for me, and here I compiled all the posts related to this project.

Taste. Better. Chocolate. Advent Calendar 2018 was on Kickstarter and it got funded! Thank you!!!

Taste. Better. Chocolate. Advent Calendar 2018 featured 24 different makers, one for each day.

DAY 1 – Zotter
DAY 2 – J. Cocoa
DAY 3 – Harrer Chocolat
DAY 4 – NearyNógs
DAY 5 – Malmö Chokladfabrik
DAY 6 – York Cocoa Works
DAY 7 – ChocoCard (supposed to be Raaka)
DAY 8 – Fabric Chocolates
DAY 9 – Aelan Chocolate
DAY 10 – Duffy’s Chocolate
DAY 11 – Jordi’s Chocolate
DAY 12 – Pump Street Chocolate
DAY 13 – Original Beans
DAY 14 – Endorfin Foods
DAY 15 – ChocoCard
DAY 16 – Dormouse Chocolates
DAY 17 – Mike&Becky
DAY 18 – Vento d’Oro
DAY 19 – Chocolate Tree
DAY 20 – Askinosie Chocolate
DAY 21 – Ara Chocolat
DAY 22 – FriisHolm
DAY 23 – WKND Chocolate
DAY 24 – Solkiki Chocolatemaker

+ early bird bonus gift on Kickstarter: a small bag of whole roasted cacao beans enrobed in chocolate with raspberry vinegar and cinnamon, made by Fabric Chocolates

Video series introducing the makers of the Taste. Better. Chocolate. Advent Calendar 2018

The advent calendar came with a Tasting Guide mini card that gives you visual cues while you are tasting chocolate. It has 4 main parts:

Part 1 – is all about Mindful Chocolate Tasting using all your senses
Part 2 – shows you the Bean-to-Bar process
Part 3 – helps you place your chocolate’s origin on the map within the Cacao Belt
Part 4 – is a simplified flavour wheel that you can use to describe main flavour notes and dig deeper if you wish.