Wow, we’ve made it! It’s the 1st December and we can finally reveal the first chocolate maker featured within the Taste. Better. Chocolate. Advent Calendar. Each day, I will give you a little more details about the maker of the day including a quick 3-questions mini interview related to Christmas.

Josef Zotter is a well-known figure among craft chocolate makers as he started his business over 30 years ago in Austria. Visiting his factory really makes you feel like you are in a Willy Wonka movie. Transparency, ethical and environment-friendly approach to chocolate making, creative, bold and unusual flavour combinations.

Still, I choose this 65% dark blend to show you that behind all that crazy flavour rollercoaster that Zotter provides through their product range, they are mastering the basics just as well.

Christmas Mini-Interview

What’s your favourite family tradition during this period of the year? 

Baking small biscuits together with my family, as we only do it for christmas and therefore it is really special to me.

The Xmas song that puts you in the mood for the holiday season? 

To be honest, I don’t really like christmas songs, because they are everywhere during this time of the year and they get annoying quickly. However, if I’d have to choose one, I’d say it is „Little Drummer Boy“ in the version of Pentatonix (

What does the Xmas period mean to your chocolate business? 

Christmas is the most busiest time for us, which of course makes me very happy.


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