This week is #meetthemakerweek organised by @joannehawker in honour of #smallbusinesssaturday. I took part last year for the first time and I find it a brilliant way to give more insights into what I’m doing. So here we go.

Today’s prompt is: product or range.

I launched Little Beetle Chocolates last year as an experiment to retail British craft chocolates in my local community at village fairs and private tasting events. But I had this idea of a mixed craft chocolate advent calendar on my mind and I just couldn’t let go. In January, I had a moment when I knew, I have to do it now. So I reached out to the makers I knew to see how they respond. Everyone was so happy and enthusiastic about it, that I just kept going.

2018 was all about this small box filled with 24 different chocolates for me. There was no day spent without working on it in some way. It challenged me on so many levels, it taught me so many lessons (about planning, communication, negotiation, logistics, finances, administration, laws and regulations, limits and restrictions, and of course unexpected issues and happy surprises too).

This is the Taste.Better.Chocolate. Advent Calendar – limited edition.
I am so grateful for all the support that I’ve been getting from my Kickstarter backers, my IG followers and members of my FB group, and also anyone who heard about this project and sent me a message or ordered a calendar. It feels amazing to see posts from all around the world, connecting me to my virtual chocolate lover community through this unique product that I came up with, designed and put together.

This week, through these Meet the Maker posts you’ll be able to go a bit more behind the scenes with me on how this project came about. And on Saturday we’ll eat the first piece of chocolate! So exciting!

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