It’s beginning to look a lot like CHOCOLATE! I’m very excited about this weekend as Little Beetle Chocolates will be officially open to the public for the very first time. The last few weeks have been all filled with orders, deliveries, planning and logistics behind the scenes and I’m hoping that this first event will go well. I decided to launch at my local community christmas market because I would like to get involved with my local community before opening up to a wider audience. In a smaller setting like this, I’m hoping to be able to chat to more people in-depth about what Little Beetle Chocolates can offer and to let more people Taste. Better. Chocolate.

craft chocolate2

I’d like to take the opportunity here to give special thanks to a number of people who gave me professional advice and inspiration for this launch: Luke from The Chocolate Bar in New Zealand, Catherine from Kosak in Paris and of course the three chocolate makers Duffy’s, Chocolate Tree and Pump Street Chocolate. As I signed up for this event a bit late, I would also like to thank the organiser David Cotee for squeezing me in!

Little Beetle Chocolates will have a small table among the other food businesses (e.g. small artisan bakery, organic groceries, local craft beer, cakes and pastries) and along many craft sellers. The event will take place in Fulbourn, at the village hall from 2:30 to 5pm on 9th December 2017.

I will post an update in a few days after the event to let you know howit went. Fingers crossed there will be many people wanting to Taste. Better. Chocolate.

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